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Kodrey Overseas Agents
Kodrey Overseas Agents


Kodrey Overseas Agents is A Leading Business Development Service Provider in The Saudi Arabia.

We are A Globally Minded Local Expertise to Offering Integrated Advice, Products and Services Thin More One Decade, We Build International Business Relationships That All Parties Encourage to Work within International Borders and Obligations to Grow Companies Business and Investors in Saudi Market Achieve Their Goals.

Our Clients Benefit From A Dedicated Of Qualified And Experienced Who Deliver A High Level Of Service That Is Responsive, Consistent And Client Focused For The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Market.

​Kodrey Overseas Agents SMEs , a Saudi expertise and global mindset to Business development services BDS that specializes in providing comprehensive support to foreign companies looking to invest in Saudi


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


experience More 10 Years

we offer complete solutions services to help our clients reach their business goals in Saudi Arabia. Our team is committed to protecting and growing your investments through effective management and expert guidance.

Through our policy of providing services to foreign businessmen, entrepreneurs, private investors, high net worth individuals and their families who aspire to invest in the most developed and safest countries in the Middle East, we have built a reputation for excellence.

Our services include comprehensive investment strategies that are tailored to meet each client's unique needs. We provide assistance with legal compliance matters such as licensing requirements, permits and visas. We also offer financial planning advice including risk management techniques.

In addition to these core services, we can assist with market research and analysis which enables us to identify new opportunities for growth while mitigating risks associated with doing business in Saudi Arabia.

We believe that every client deserves personalized attention from a dedicated team of professionals who understand their specific needs. Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to delivering exceptional service and achieving successful outcomes for our clients.


If you are interested Success in Saudi Investment Market or Open Business Setup or Importing Saudi Products or Services for Business  Or marketing more complex products and concluding contracts and alliances with major companies or the Saudi government , We have Experience Over 10 Years to Provide Solutions Uncompromising Quality With Constant Improvement Business Grow in Saudi Arabia.

Accepting Everyone

We Accept Without Any Exceptions. No Matter The Size Large Or Small Or The Type Commercial or Individuals or movement or organizations .

Marketing Global

The Marketing grow global now so we promote all the services to offers and facilitates their access to people Interested from all over the world   

Complete Services

We Provide Complete Services From Contracting To Termination, Whether Buying Goods , Shipping ,Marketing Your Products Or Any Other Service Business 

Quick in Errands

our mission is to finish all the required tasks on time and with high efficiency without paying any additional costs or delays in the delivery , as our motto at is to respect time.

Standards Contract

We Approve ITC and international standard Laws systems , Agency Between Us Will Be Perfect In Implementing Contracting And Properly. 

Reliability International

We are registered with many authorities of international organizations and have a great reputation globally .  We have many years of reliably to from the authorities competent provide 

Logistics Perfect

we supply chains services from  Export and import ,  processing document from various countries of the world until they reach the End ports smoothly with a high quality.

Trust and Safety

​​one of our most important principles in respects the client's rights time and makes maximum effort so the work is done in the fullest way.

Trustworthy Supplier

Kodrey Overseas Agents
Kodrey Overseas Agents
Kodrey Overseas Agents
Kodrey Overseas Agents

we international provider Trustworthy Supplier to many organizations and governments  quality so that We always work to execute your contracts with high efficiency

Kodrey Overseas Agents
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