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Registered Agent Service
in Saudi Arabia to Business 

​Registered Agent Service on Kodrey Overseas Agents in Saudi Arabia to The success of your business and the interest of your documents and mail and maintain businesses. All clients get high support of privacy and security Guides invested in your success.

Kodrey Overseas Agents is First Registered Agent Service in Saudi Arabia

We started our Abha , growing into a registered agent service . to better Requirements for business in Saudi Arabia Finding successful solutions with a high level of local and international trust

We care your business, we also care about your privacy So But we couldn’t offer the privacy protection or the services we do without first being a registered agent service in Saudi Arabia

What a Registered Agent Is ?

kodrey registered agent a accepts service of process on behalf of the business. It is considered an additional service to support business the foreigners company and take care of their interests with the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia

Registered Agents must:

Have a physical address in the Saudi Arabia they’ve been appointed.
Be available at that address during normal business hours.
Accept service of process on behalf of the business.
Ideally, however, your registered agent should do much more.



What a Registered Agent Should Be
At Kodrey Overseas Agents Registered Agent, we value the investment you make in us. In turn, we invest in privacy, software, forms, and in-house experts and filers. Whether you hire us for service in Saudi Arabia , you’ll be provided with top-of-the-line tools and services, including:

  • Comprehensive details for regulations in Saudi Arabia

  • Answer your toughest business questions

  • Access to systems and forms to compliance notifications

  • Privacy policies and guarantee

  • Receive and send documents wherever you want

Top  Reasons People Use Our Registered Agent Services

  • Locally-Scanned Documents
    We’re the only Saudi registered agent service that locally scans every document you receive. When we receive a document at our local registered agent service office, that’s where we scan it to your account.

  • Call and talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about.
    No automated operators. No reading from a script. Just answers.

  • Privacy We never sell your data.

  • Ever We list OUR business address on your public filings instead of yours so you can better keep your personal info private. You don’t have to opt in or out to keep your data private. We practice Privacy with every service and every client, automatically.

  • Limited Mail Forwarding As your registered agent, we accept Saudi and legal mail. But we’ll also scan normal business mail up to 5 docs per year FREE.

  • Clients and investors sometimes try to contact a company via its registered agent. We won’t let these messages fall through the cracks.
    Avoid “per document” fees for state mail, legal mail and limited business mail.

  • The Perfect Sized Registered Agent Service Were not so big that clients are just a number also not so small that we have to hire other registered agents to do our job We’re the perfect size to offer both personalized and reliable service.

  • Instant Service Orders receive instant access to your account with all forms you’ll need to file with the state.

  • No Hidden Fees
    Flat rates.
    No sudden price increases.
    Registered agent service rates Saudi Arabia = $225/year

  • We Do Business the Right Way There are lots of companies providing registered agent service. None like us. We have no phone extensions, hidden fees, no gimmicks, and no sales staff using teleprompters to answer the phone. We give you mail forwarding, protect your privacy, and offer unparalleled support—all without being annoying.

Registered Agent Service

Best Value

Registered Agent Service



Registered Agent Service Start an Saudi Arabia to Business 

Valid for one year

​Registered Agent Service on Kodrey Overseas Agents in Saudi

Registered Agent Service
in Saudi Arabia to Business 

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