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Corporate Secretarial Services

Professionals  First Corporate Secretarial  In Saudi Arabia

comprehensive corporate secretarial services delivered flexibly and consistently in saudi  transform the confusion into simple, transparent, controlled compliance across in saudi arabia

Why Choose ​Corporate Secretarial ?

When it comes to keeping entities in good standing year-round  a struggle for even the largest international company, especially in the remote corners of your operations – we can do it all, everywhere: 

  • Filing annual accounts and tax returns with Saudi authorities

  • Completing standard legal procedures for directorships, shareholders, entity names and registered addresses 

  • Drafting customary legal documents

  • Managing communications with investors and employees

  • Maintenance of books and records

  • Constant tracking of entity registrations and compliance deadlines

  • Alerts for local regulatory and legal changes.

However great or small the corporate secretarial challenge in Saudi we meet the need flexibly and cost-effectively, scaling up or down smoothly, from the part-time support of a single individual to the services of a whole team.

The First in Saudi 

We are proud that we are the first service provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dedicated Personal

Your secretarial is dedicated to you and only works on tasks assigned by you .

Success Secretarial 

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success secretarial to set up, and anytime  .


secretarial work part time, just like your regular team members.

Kodrey Overseas Agents is changing the way businesses around the world hire
Corporate Secretarial.

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