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Arabic Translation Services

Professionals Arabic Translation  In Saudi 

Kodrey Overseas Agents is a leading provider in professional Arabic translation . For businesses that wish to expand their business in the Saudi market It is a prerequisite for compliance with labor laws and official letters The Local expertise and superior service quality to Professional Arabic Translation Services you achieve your business objectives in Saudi Arabia. 

Arabic is a unique and highly complex language which shares few similarities with any Western language, including English. One of the biggest challenges for translators working between the two is ensuring that translated Arabic sounds fluent and natural, which often relies on translators recognising the purpose of the text and who exactly the target audience is. There exists huge differences between formal Arabic, used in official communications and academic books, for example, and spoken Arabic, used in day-to-day life and casual communications, such as advertisements. For their work to have the desired impact, translators need to have a deep knowledge of both these forms and the ability to deploy them accurately.

Another challenge facing English to Arabic translators is that of dialects. Arabic is the official language of a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, but the type of Arabic spoken in these countries can differ significantly and these dialects are most often not mutually intelligible. This, again, means that translators must know exactly who they are writing for and tailor their work accordingly. Not doing so risks translated content which is at best unnatural and at worst incomprehensible.

Reach your Saudi Arabia audience
As the official language of Saudi Arabia Also 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and spoken by over 350 million people around the world, there is little doubt that Arabic is a truly global language. Over the years, its vast influence has extended all the way to other languages too, with Arabic playing a key role in shaping Spanish, Malay and even Tagalog, among others. If you’re looking to expand your business, don’t overlook this key language.

Quality you can trust
All of our professional Arabic translators are thoroughly tested for quality and skill and are continually evaluated after each project. We can also create custom translator teams from our pool of native speakers, based on geographic location or content type, to ensure that you get the best quality and consistency available.

Simple pricing
No other translation company can provide high quality translation so quickly or at a more competitive rate. Using our platform, you’ll only pay for what you translate. No minimum spend, setup fees or hidden costs. Learn more about our pricing.

Our areas of expertise
If you want to succeed in Arabic speaking markets, all of your content needs to be localized. Kodrey Overseas Agents supports translation of a wide range of document and content types, including:

  • Arabic Company names localization

  • Arabic documents localization

  • Arabic website  (RTL vs LTR) and mobile app localization

  • Arabic product description translation

  • Arabic services description translation

  • Arabic customer support translation

  • Arabic marketing copy, ads and social media

  • Arabic user review translation

  • Arabic travel listings & guides

  • Arabic game localization

  • Arabic Translation Tips

Know your Audience

Different variations and dialects of the language can be heard across the Arabic-speaking world. It is vital, therefore, that prior to translating your content from English into Arabic, the target audience is clearly identified. This way, it’s certain that your translated content will have the maximum impact possible.

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