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Advice Meeting Business services In Saudi 

You’re faced with constant changes and are often expected to do more with less.  You have ideas about how to address these challenges, but you also have a looming set of questions and there’s a lot riding on the answers.

That’s why Kodrey Overseas Agents offers Advice an “ask the expert” service designed specifically to provide you with quick guidance on operational or business practice questions about your contact center, branch, or back-office operations in Saudi Arabia.


Advice Meeting provides you one-on-one sessions with experienced consultant on a wide range of operational topics the Saudi Local 

Company Consulting Services

We offer a comprehensive, streamlined solution for setting up and maintaining your local legal entity. 

running business

Steps to help you run your business in Saudi Arabia easily

Legal Services

Provision of corporate, specialised legal services to enable your local business operations.

Hiring Services

We offer tailored recruitment, headhunting, executive recruitment and hiring solutions to support your Saudi expansion.

  • Ask the expert to superior service quality to help you achieve your bu...

    1 hr

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