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About Us

At Kodrey Overseas Agents we have been caring about the investor since 2011. Throughout our history we have built trust by staying close to our consumers and developing services that are tailored to their needs. 

We are a globally minded local Saudi expertized, with one focus: making investor feel good in his investment Saudi where. As we head into the future, we want to become the number one Business agency in the Saudi Arabia.

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Kodrey Overseas Agents Circle of four Core Values:

CARE: We act responsibly towards our colleagues, clients, our society and our environment.

TRUST: We say what we mean, keep our promises and treat others with respect.

COURAGE: We are committed to bold objectives, take initiative, learn from our mistakes and see change as an opportunity.

SIMPLICITY: We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential.

Our four Core Values have shaped our corporate culture since the very beginning and they are still relevant today. Together with our corporate strategy, they act as our guiding light, our daily benchmark, ensuring we speak and act consistently across our business at all times.


The essence of our culture has changed very little since 2011: We have always been a business that believes in the importance of ‘We Care Youre Business.

We care about fostering a culture where individuals are encouraged to champion their own ideas and convictions and inspired to take responsibilities for themselves and their teams. And we’re proud of the fact that our diverse mix of people and inclusive attitude has led to some unexpected collaborations and many exciting.

We keep our structures lean and our hierarchies flat and flexible. And we strive to be open and honest, sincere and straightforward so everyone knows how and where they fit. We recognise too that everyone deserves a fair work: life balance so we work together to devise individual solutions.


Supporting the Kodrey Overseas Agents TO We Care Youre Business.

The Strategy of competitive sustainable growth, Sustainability Agenda is designed to make a measurable and positive contribution to the environment and society. Moreover, as one of the Best business agency in the Saudi Arabia, we recognize our role in tackling climate change.

Climate UN

We tackle the climate crisis on a variety of fronts: encouraging the transition to low- and zero-carbon emissions in key sectors such as energy, agriculture, buildings, forestry, industry and transport.

Wind Turbines
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Kodrey Overseas Agents

Mohammed Kodrey

Our transformation towards sustainability is a key priority for us at Kodrey Overseas Agents and a key pillar of our We Care Youre Business. Strategy. With our Sustainability Agenda, we have set ourselves a very ambitious climate target, aiming to become a committed in climate action in our service.


Chief Executive Officer

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Kodrey Overseas Agents

Ahmad Alharthi

From social inequalities to climate change, as a global community we are facing severe challenges. At Kodrey Overseas Agents, we recognize our responsibility to foster positive change and to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. We aim to maximize our positive impact on society and minimize our environmental footprint.


Vice President


We are We Care Youre Business. For over 10 years, Kodrey Overseas Agents has been a companion in the investor, for Investment and take care of interests of foreign investors By making people feel good in their investment.

Within our Kodrey Overseas Agents, we foster a culture of respect and universal values that relate to individuals and families across geographies. In society, we extend our care to our fellow citizens and foreign investors in the Saudi and contribute to more cohesive communities.



Our CEO the company on its own responsibility and conducts the business. According to the strategic plans that have been built to support the management and support the operational management Business of the Kodrey Overseas Agents,

Our History

Kodrey Overseas Agents
The history of today’s Kodrey began in freelance work in Abha is small mountain town Southern Saudi Arabia. This He has to learn How to serve local businesses and deal foreign investors and tourists, thus laying the groundwork for to establish the agency. In the decade that followed Kodrey Overseas Agents developed into a globally successful a professional services.


Kodrey Overseas Agents had already achieved a certain international name recognition 
Numerous those wishing to invest in Saudi Arabia became aware of Kodrey Overseas Agents services thanks to the Affiliation with many organizations.


United Nations Global Compact
Kodrey Overseas Agents

The Kodrey Overseas Agents we started committing with United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Agreements and policies to management of business and cooperation with the authorities relevant also; Activate cooperation with UNGC networks, either through taking part in conferences and events or through active involvement in specific working groups.

Kodrey Overseas Agents
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Approval  ITC Contracts

Kodrey Oversea Agents is Approval  ITC Laws in Signing Contracts ,It is obligated to comply with the drafting of contracts that are recognized internationally.

The International Trade Centre (ITC) works towards global prosperity by connecting small businesses in developing countries to international.

Kodrey Overseas Agents
Approval  UNSD Code

Kodrey Oversea Agents is Approval  Classified  code 

6211 - Commission Agents Services

The United Nations Statistics Division is committed to the advancement of the global statistical system. We compile and disseminate global statistical.

Kodrey Overseas Agents
Approval  freelance 

Kodrey Oversea Agents is Approval  freelance saudi Laws in for business By Owner.

The  freelancing is a part-time job in Saudi Arabia. In other words,  is legal in Saudi Arabia .

Kodrey Overseas Agents
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